what is bread machine yeast for bread making

Yeast is one of the important component for making quality bread at home and it comes in 2 forms dry yeast and normal yeast. Here we will help you find the right of bread machine yeast.

Normal fresh and wet yeast is mainly used in restaurants and other commercial kitchen since it has very less life and gets bad soon, so generally normal grocery stores don’t sell this yeast in store. mainly on your go to grocery store you will find only dry yeast sold in small packets or containers as it has longer shelf life and easy to store.

Dry yeast comes in 3 category rapid rise dry yeast, active dry yeast and instant dry yeast. here we will explain about each of them for you to choose from for making bread in your bread machine.

Rapid rise dry yeast

Rapid rise yeasts are similar to instant yeasts and are used in bread machines to make bread faster as it helps in faster bread baking and with this yeast you can make use of your rapid cycle in bread machines. some people say that bread made with rapid yeast cooks faster and dough rises faster but lacks taste as some flavors doesn’t get developed.

They have smaller granules in the packet.

Active dry yeast

Active dry yeast is very common yeast found in market for home use in bread machine and other recipes but it does not become active until it comes in contact with flour. active dry yeast are granules made up of cell of active yeast wrapped in dead yeast cells. to activate it you need to add little bit warm water ranging between 100-115 degree F. Don’t use too cold water as it will remain in dormant stage and don’t use too hot else yeast will die and wont work on the food.

when you make recipe with active dry yeast you need to give the recipe dough some time to rise after making the dough else your recipe wont taste good.

Instant dry yeast

Instant dry yeast is some what similar with active dry yeast but contains more active yeast cells and act faster on the recipe. the granule size is smaller and comes with ability to work faster when compared to other type of dry yeast.

Instant yeast also comes with another important ingredients called ascorbic acid which is responsible for its instant working and elasticity in dough. besides that it also helps in increasing the volume of the loaf.

what yeast should be used in your bread machines?

All 3 types of dry yeast can be used with your bread machines for making the tasty bread recipes.

I would prefer to use instant yeast with bread machines because it works faster and gives good flavor to your bread than other type of yeasts.

Active dry yeast would be given 2nd preference as it takes time to rise the loaf but makes equally good bread. the more you keep your dough to rise the better the favor gets developed and it is definitely preferred over rapid rise dry yeast.

If you want to work in rapid bake cycle in bread machine and get the bread made faster then rapid rise yeast the choice to make for making the bread.

Hope our article helped you to choose the right type of dry yeast for cooking bread. to get a good quality bread machine after reading reviews and finding the right fit for budget check our other post.

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