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Tortillas can be used as a quick meal or snack. They are used in Mexican cuisines and come in various sizes and textures, from thin flour tortillas that resemble flatbread to thicker and crispier corn tortillas.

These are great for stuffing, folding over, and crisping up for dipping.

Tortillas taste best when they are warm and fresh. You can cook more and freeze the leftovers. If tortillas are on sale, you can buy extra tortillas and store them for future use.

It’s best known in Mexican food, like tacos and enchiladas. There are at least 70 ways to use it! You can use them in everything from soups and wraps.

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As with most food, tortillas taste better fresh. They are better than the premade tortillas you can buy in the supermarket. You don’t have to eat every tortilla, but they are still delicious even after being frozen.

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Can You Freeze All Types Of Tortillas?

You can freeze most types of tortillas, including corn and flour. Some tortillas perform better than others when frozen under freeze-thaw. 

Before we go into the differences in freezing different types of tortillas, it is important to note that you should freeze any tortillas as soon as possible after you have purchased them. You can freeze tortillas that have been left open in a cabinet or pantry but ensure they aren’t deteriorating or moldy.

You can ensure that the tortillas you freeze are as fresh and delicious as possible.

Temperature and storage conditions can affect the shelf life of tortillas. The type of tortillas and their proximity to expiration dates will also affect how long you can freeze them. It is important to properly thaw tortillas after freezing.

How To Freeze Tortillas?

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Step 1: Remove the Tortillas from the Store Packaging

Take out the packaging from the supermarket. Before freezing, they will need to be repackaged.

Step 2: Use wax paper or parchment between each tortilla

Take a piece of parchment big enough to fit between each tortilla. It prevents the tortillas from sticking together in the freezer. This allows each tortilla to be thawed separately.

Step 3: Restack the Tortillas

Place the tortillas in one pile. You don’t need parchment or wax paper to cover the top and bottom tortillas.

Step 4: Place the Tortillas into a Freezer Bag for Storing

Place the tortillas in the original container if the packaging has a sealable top. Use a freezer-safe zip-top bag that is large enough to store the tortillas.

Step 5: Label and date the freezer bag

Before putting the package in the freezer, mention the label and date. It is important to track how long the package has been in the freezer.

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How long can tortillas last?

Your tortillas can be kept in the pantry for up to seven days if they are not stored in a freezer. However, this will depend on the expiration date and how they were stored.

However, they will last longer if frozen. They will keep in the fridge for three to four weeks if they are not opened. They will last six to eight months in the freezer. You can keep unopened flour tortillas in the refrigerator for one week.

Corn tortillas will last six to eight weeks in the fridge. They will keep for up to eight months in the freezer. They can be kept in the pantry for between 7-10 days.

Your tortillas will keep in the freezer for no more than eight months if they are homemade. Compared to other tortillas, homemade ones won’t last as long in the refrigerator. It takes less time than a week, which is slightly shorter.

Because they have preservatives, store-bought tortillas will last longer than homemade tortillas. You can prolong their shelf life by freezing them in unopened original packaging.

How do you thaw tortillas?

After the hibernation period for the tortillas is over and you are ready to eat them, it might be a good idea to let them thaw first and reheat just like burritos for serving with your favorite sauces and fillings. Thawing allows food to become more fluid and easier to defrost. It wouldn’t be fair for the ice crystal layer to ruin your experience. Start the process of thawing before you eat.

The tortillas can be kept in a warmer area or placed in the fridge at a more comfortable temperature. Start thawing the tortillas about 4-5 hours before your intended consumption. Thin tortillas tend not to thaw as quickly as the thicker ones. However, homemade tortillas will take longer to thaw than those made from pre-prepared ones.

Tips and Tricks

  • You need enough freezer space to store your tortillas flat. You can freeze the tortillas in the same place you put them.
  • Only once defrost tortillas. You should not return previously frozen or thawed tortillas to the freezer. This will compromise the bread’s integrity.
  • The tortillas will fuse when they freeze, making it difficult to separate them without tearing. Before freezing, place a sheet of parchment paper between each tortilla. This will allow you to freeze only a few tortillas at once and not the whole package.
  • You can still use them if you accidentally tear your tortillas as you separate them. They can be used for burritos or tacos but will work great for enchiladas. To hide the cuts, cover them with salsa or cheese.

Can you Freeze Flour Tortilla wraps?

Flour tortillas can be frozen very well. We have covered this topic a few times. There might be some considerations if the tortillas are already being used for wraps, tacos, or any other delicious use.

The tortilla is a great choice for wraps. Tacos can lose their delicious taste and texture and become soggy from freezing and thawing. It is possible to freeze flour tortilla wraps, but it is not recommended.


Frozen tortillas are an excellent way to preserve leftovers or to keep stacks of tortillas in the kitchen. You can preserve the flavor and texture of tortillas by freezing them, so you always have tortillas ready for you when you need them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you refreeze thawed tortillas?

If you prefer to thaw them in the fridge, they can be used within 7 days. To thaw tortillas in the microwave, take them out of their packaging and set the timer for 25-30 seconds.

How do you make tortillas last longer?

  1. Place the tortillas into a plastic bag, or an airtight container. They can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.
  2. If you are stocking up, keep the tortillas in the fridge.
  3. Once the tortillas have thawed, heat them in the microwave.

How do you keep tortillas moist?

Use damp paper towels to line a plate or tortilla warmer. Cover the warm tortilla with a damp paper towel. This will ensure that your tortillas remain soft and flexible. Keep the tortillas in the refrigerator.

Why does my tortilla shrink?

Tender tortillas made from thick flour won’t turn out tender. Avoid shrinking. If the dough shrinks when you roll out the tortillas, allow it to rest for 15-30 minutes. The gluten hasn’t had enough rest.

Why are my tortillas so dry?

The tortillas might not cook evenly if the comal is too hot when you begin cooking. You may have to continue kneading longer to get the glutens out.

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