can you freeze spaghetti squash

Spaghetti squash is popular vegetable dish among many who love to try something different when they like to eat spaghetti. squash is thicker and mushier than actual spaghetti dish. it works great with most of the pasta sauces and different types of herbs and spices. you can freeze it when bought from supermarket or from farmers directly just like you would freeze spaghetti, but with some additional steps shared below.

it looks like spaghetti strands after being cooked with pasta like texture that’s why people call it spaghetti squash. it comes in shades of yellow and dark orange one possess highest amount of carotene in it which is good for our body.

can you freeze spaghetti squash

Talking about its nutritional values, about 100 grams of squash contains around 30 calories energy, 7 grams carbohydrates, 3 grams sugar and 1.5 grams fibers.

buy good quality and fresh spaghetti squash from the market to cook it with all the herbs and spices after cleaning it under running water then freeze it to retain the flavor and texture to maximum level.

How to freeze spaghetti squash

Clean the spaghetti squash after buying it to remove all the dirt from the strands of the spaghetti squash. then cook the squash by cutting them into half or smaller pieces and putting into oven safe bowl for baking it for about 40 minutes at 350 degree to make the squash strands tender and soft.

Then after being cooked, let it cool down for 30-40 minutes and then start taking out the spaghetti strands from in it until only skin is left with the helps of peeler of some kind, you can also remove the skin before peeling or after as per your choice.

once all strands are out then put in freezer safe bag or container and seal it tightly then put the container in freezer and use it when required after regular intervals. if frozen correctly i can last up to 12 months without getting alternated with its taste, texture and flavor after that it might start to change its texture.

How to defrost spaghetti squash

you can defrost and thaw the spaghetti squash by keeping it into the fridge for few hours before taking out and heating to eat. once ready to eat heat it up in pan and mix some sauce and spices into it  and garnish it with some frozen cheese on top to make it tasty then after few minutes once its warm and well seasoned serve it with some bread or without anything to enjoy the tasty meal.


  • when you cook and put the leftover spaghetti squash in the fridge for few days to consume later but after that put in freezer, it would lead to food poisoning when thawed and eaten, so avoid putting squash in freezer if its kept in fridge for few days already.
  • don’t over cook the squash after thawing it before you it as it may become mushy and sticky and wont remain in al dente condition. so to eat it crispy and crunchy make sure is not over cooked.
  • It contains lots of fibers, minerals along with vitamins and anti oxidants which are good for our body.
  • Spaghetti squash would also have seeds in it which are tasty and nutritious to eat so you can take out and roast them to eat later as morning energy boaster or evening snacks after sprinkling some salt and herbs over them.
  • it goes well with green salad and quiche to get good taste. try out different recipe clubbing with spaghetti squash to see which taste best as per your liking.


Hope you like our method to freeze spaghetti squash in right manner to eat it later when required. it is full of nutrients so you can have it whenever you like.

share this post with all your spaghetti lovers friends as it would encourage them to try spaghetti squash some times instead of spaghettis as its easy to freeze and also possess better nutrition than spaghetti.

some people like to eat sauerkraut with spaghetti squash as it goes well due to taste difference as once is sour and other is spicy. you can learn about freezing sauerkraut with spaghetti squash to eat both of them later when you carve for them in evening or at lunch time.

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