Can you freeze scrambled eggs

Breakfast is a wonderful option with scrambled eggs.

Although you can make this delicious, protein-packed meal the day before, it is best to freeze the leftovers. This will preserve the flavor.

It can be challenging to prepare breakfast in this fast-paced world. Most people skip breakfast. You can use the eggs in a delicious and healthy dish called scrambled eggs. You can save time by freezing enough scrambled eggs to prepare your dish in just a few minutes.

What Kinds Of Eggs Can You Freeze?

Let’s get to the point. You can safely freeze eggs. After removing them from their shells, you can safely freeze raw, cooked, or liquid eggs. Also, you can freeze eggs-containing dishes and homemade breakfast sandwiches. The quality of thawed eggs may vary, so your use of them might be limited. You can freeze eggs for up to one year, but you must try to use them within the first six months to ensure maximum quality.

Can You Freeze Scrambled eggs?

Yes, it is possible to freeze scrambled eggs. 

But will it retain the same texture if it is reheated? It won’t. 

After cooking, some moisture is lost from cooked food. The moisture that remains after cooking is frozen expands just like any fluid.

When you freeze them, moisture will seep out. The frozen process has caused damage to the cell walls of cooked food. This means the moisture will no longer be retained when it is thawed. There are ways to make your frozen food more delicious.

Why should you freeze scrambled eggs?

Take a look!

  • Cost Efficiency

Frozen scrambled eggs are the best choice for cost-effective cooking as they are easy to make and cheap to buy. You can simply put a few eggs in the freezer and thaw them when ready to cook. You can serve scrambled eggs for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

  • Time-Saving

Although scrambled eggs are a staple breakfast for many, they can be tedious.

You can freeze scrambled eggs if you are short on time. Although it may sound odd, the frozen scrambled egg can be very convenient.

You can cook them ahead of your time and store them in the freezer. You can simply heat them in the microwave to make a quick breakfast.

Also, you can freeze scrambled eggs to preserve them for longer periods.

You can freeze scrambled eggs if you don’t feel like eating them all.

How to Freeze Scrambled eggs?

It’s not challenging to freeze scrambled eggs. Follow these simple steps: 

Step 1: Combine them all. Crack open the eggs and add your preferred amount to a bowl. Mix them well.

Step 2: Half cook the eggs in a saucepan. These eggs should be left a little runny to prevent them from becoming rubbery after being frozen. Next, place your slightly cooked eggs on a plate.

Step 3: After the eggs have cooled, place them in a bag or container to be stored in the freezer.

Before storing the eggs in the freezer, let them cool off.

You should not leave partially cooked eggs at room temperature for more than 2 hrs to avoid food poisoning. Because eggs can grow at optimal temperatures when kept at room temperature, natural bacteria can thrive.

After cooling your eggs, place them in a muffin pan to freeze in small amounts. Leave them for between 30 minutes and 1 hour. You risk them freezing if you leave them in the freezer longer.

Although freezer burn does not harm your health, it can affect the texture and taste of your scrambled egg.

When your scrambled eggs feel firm, you can transfer them into Ziploc bags or an airtight container for permanent storage.

These eggs can be stored for 3 to 6 months. However, it is essential to note the date on every bag/container where you store more than one bag. You should also check the container every week for tears.

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Tips for Scrambled Egg Storage

Storing scrambled eggs in the freezer and refrigerator is about portioning, labeling and even thawing.

Divide into Portions

You create tiny air pockets when you scramble eggs. These air pockets make eggs lighter and more prone to drying. It is important to divide scrambled eggs into smaller pieces before freezing.

You can reheat only a portion of them when you heat them. You can also defrost smaller portions and heat them more evenly.

Avoid Freezer Burn

You must avoid freezer burn when it comes to freezing your scrambled eggs. Your eggs can become dry and rubbery from freezer burn. Before freezing, make sure you seal them in an airtight container.

Label Efficiently

Next, label the eggs with the date that they were made. This will allow you to track how long your eggs have been frozen.

Thaw Evenly

Thaw your eggs evenly before you start to use them. This will ensure they cook evenly and don’t get rubbery.

For about 10 minutes, place the eggs in warm water. You can also place them in the fridge overnight. You can also put them in the microwave at the defrost setting if you’re in a hurry.

After thawing, make sure you use your eggs within two days.

Enjoy your scrambled eggs made from scratch!

How do you Thaw and Cook Scrambled eggs?

Let a frozen block of scrambled eggs thaw overnight in the cool part of your fridge is an excellent idea. This will allow you to thaw the frozen scrambled eggs overnight in the cool division of your fridge. You can then prepare it and cook it the next day.

What about making frozen scrambled eggs?

It is convenient to heat the scrambled eggs in a microwave. some people also like to make eggs in toaster oven as its fast and easy.

You should not heat the egg in its aluminum or plastic wrap bags. It is best to heat the egg in a ceramic or glass microwave.

To keep your egg from drying out:

  1. Place a damp towel on the dish before starting the microwave.
  2. Heat the egg for 20-30 seconds.
  3. Once it is done, adjust the temperature to your preference.


You can extend the shelf life of frozen scrambled eggs by storing them in an airtight container. You can quickly tell if your eggs smell bad by giving them a good sniff. Scrambled eggs can last approximately six months if properly stored or kept in the freezer.

Freeze scrambled eggs make a great breakfast choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you reheat scrambled eggs?


  1. Place a frying skillet on medium heat.
  2. To the saucepan, add oil or butter.
  3. Add the scrambled eggs once the butter and oil have melted. Mix the eggs well and drain any excess liquid.
  4. Transfer the eggs to a plate when they reach 165 degrees Fahrenheit (or less).

Can you freeze egg yolk?

Yes, you can freeze egg yolks. You can freeze egg yolks for up to 6 months. If you don’t correctly prepare egg yolks, they will thicken and become unpalatable. They will need to beat until smooth, then add a pinch of salt. Finally, bag them and place them in the freezer. its usable in making eggnog drink also.

How do you keep scrambled eggs warm without drying them out?

First, you must place your egg bowl in an oven-safe oven. Once you have finished cooking, turn the oven down as low as possible, usually 150-200. It will heat up, so the eggs stay warm even after being placed on the buffet or table.

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