Can you freeze honey

Honey is a fantastic food item, especially in its raw form. Honey is great because, unlike sugar from sugar beet or cane, which has almost no nutritional value, honey has abundant nutrients. Honey has also been marketed as a traditional cure for treating allergies.

How do you store it over the long term? Can you freeze honey? The answer is simple: you can. But it’s not a freezer as other food items do. With a lengthy shelf-life, you’ll not have to throw it out. But, there are certain situations in which you would be interested to know that you can store honey in a freezer. Most often, it is employed as a method of storage for beekeepers. 

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Should you freeze honey?

We all know that honey may be preserved for an extended amount of time, considering it’s a natural food source. However, should you freeze honey? There’s nothing wrong with freezing honey.

Honey can last longer without spoiling; however, freezing the product adds that extra layer of protection. It will eliminate the possibility of growing bacterial colonies becoming a problem, won’t alter the honey’s sweet taste, and doesn’t sever its valuable nutrients. So, it’s not an issue to store honey in a freezer.

Many professionals and even amateur beekeepers store their honey. This is due to their love for honey. It could be extremely damaging if it should get spoiled. It is without a doubt, the most effective method to keep honey fresh and delicious is to freeze it. If it’s a small or large quantity, any quantity can be frozen until it can be used in other items or consumed.

Most freezers available are efficient enough to store honey at the right temperature, which is essential to ensure it doesn’t become crystallized or spoilt. This should be about the minus four degree Celsius threshold. If you don’t, you might have some problems.

How to freeze honey?

To ensure your honey is in good shape, keep it at a stable temperature. The fluctuation in temperature can alter the quality of honey. It is best to store your honey in a rarely opened refrigerator. If you have only one freezer, place your honey in the coldest part of the freezer, far from the front and doors.

Few pieces of equipment

  • A glass that is freezer-safe and airtight or BPA-free plastic containers
  • Top freezer bags with zippers (only if you’re using an empty plastic container)
  • Black Sharpie
  • Freezer labels
  • Warm, wet, or paper towel
  • Dry paper towel or dry cloth


  • Make sure to fill an airtight, freezer-safe glass container halfway with honey.
  • Leave at least one space inside your container to ensure that when your honey expands, it will not crack the glass.
  • Clean up any honey accumulating around the rim or on the outside of the container using a damp cloth. It is important to ensure no spillage of honey onto the container, especially the edges.
  • The container should be dried and the rim completely. Make sure that the cover is screwed tightly onto it.
  • Put the honey into the coldest area of the freezer. This could be in the middle of a chest freezer or on the side in an upright freezer far from the entrance.

If you don’t have glass containers or do not want to use them, you could replace safe plastic freezer containers. But, before placing your freezer-safe plastic container into the freezer, you should place it inside a freezer-safe zip-top plastic bag. This will ensure that no smells are absorbed inside your honey.

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Can you Freeze Honeycombs and Frames?

Another commonly known thing is freezing honeycombs, also known as frames. This is usually performed by beekeepers, who prefer freezing the honey contained in the comb, instead of extracting it.

The freezing in the comb will also kill any leftover wax moths and their larvae in the honey. This ensures that it is suitable for consumption by those who consume it.

The freezing process is similar to regular honey. Make sure to wrap the comb with an insulating plastic wrap before freezing it.

Does Freezing Honey Destroy Nutrients?

Freezing honey does not destroy nutrients. Frozen honey in a freezer with a temperature constant is recommended. Although it’s not lost any nutrients in the freezing process, honey may lose other characteristics due to inadequate freezing. If you are freezing your honey, you should use glass containers. The plastic can allow the honey to absorb the odors from close food items if you’re using your kitchen freezer with other food items inside.

The honey that was frozen can be defrosted before consumption. When the honey is heated, it will become less viscous, making it easier to spoon. It also becomes more easily dispersible. It is not recommended to heat honey directly inside the stored container. 

The honey that has been heated through the direct application of heat becomes darker in color, and it loses nutritional value. It also develops the flavor of a different one. The best way to warm your honey is to place the honey bottle in warm liquid. Don’t refreeze honey that has been warmed up because it could lose its nutrients and flavor.

How to Thaw Frozen Honey?

The process of thawing is easy and can be completed by two methods. If you’re working in a hurry, utilize a microwave. If you have some time on your hands, use the bowl of warm water. The warm water method is thought to be optimal.

Using a Microwave

  • If you’re employing a microwave, bring the jar up to room temperature before you do so. Do not remove it from the freezer before throwing it in the oven. This could lead to a catastrophe.
  • After you’ve put your microwave in, set the timer to 20-30 seconds in intervals, and be sure to keep an eye on it.
  • Use a spoon to stir the contents in a hurry and then.
  • Do not “heat” the honey during the process.

Using Warm Water

  • Get a bowl of warm water, then put the honey jar inside it.
  • The heat from the hot water will eventually melt solid crystals and allow you to defrost the frozen honey in minutes to use in smoothies, drizzle over croissants, and with many other sweet dishes of your choice.


What Is Honey Good For?

Honey is loaded with benefits for health, including increased cholesterol levels and reduced coughs. It’s one of the frozen treats which is healthy when consumed in moderate amounts. Moreover, you can use honey in your hair and skin regimens for hair care. 

What is Honey’s Freezing Point?

The ideal scenario is that the honey begins to solidify at -20 degrees Celsius, which can turn the honey into an amorphous solid at -51°C. Beekeepers are also known to keep their honey between 4 and -20 degrees Celsius to maintain its nutritional value.

Does Honey Go Off?

Honey is among the few items around the globe that does not explode. This is why its inability to be frozen is not really an issue. Honey can stay in your pantry long, and the flavor isn’t affected. It will be safe to eat. you can add it on your custard recipe, honey chili potatoes, empanadas and many other dishes of your choice. 

How long can you freeze honey?

Honey will last for a long time, even at room temperature, due to its low water and pH level content, which gives it its renowned antibacterial properties. Frozen honey, free of any contaminants, will last for years, as long as the temperature is steady. So no need to fret about the honey you’ve stored in the freezer for too long!

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