Spicy Coconut Lime Popsicles

^^^Look you guys!^^^ I finally got a popsicle mold! It’s very exciting stuff, not to mention the best $20 I ever spent. I’ve already made 4 batches of popsicles, and it just showed up on my doorstep a week or so ago their after i thought of making cool Spicy Coconut Lime Popsicles to beat the summer heat in style with my family.

I can’t stop! In fact I currently have a pop in one hand while peck-peck-pecking at the keyboard with the other. That’s dedication addiction for cool pops!Spicy Coconut Lime Popsicles image

And really, how could one not be addicted to a spicy coconut lime situation? if you love traditional ice cream then try out this ice cream at home and serve in bowl with your favorite toppings else go with my all time favorite and healthy Coconut Lime Popsicles shared below.

lime zest

Spicy Coconut Lime Popsicles contain a flurry of food combinations that my brain goes crazy over. Everything in food is better off with its opposite: sweet needs a little salt; richness needs acid. These pops combine all of that plus the added delight of something that is cold and spicy at the same time!

Are you dying yet? Because I might die before I finish this post if I can’t have another popsicle. I ate it already…

Spicy Coconut Lime Popsicles over ice


Spicy Coconut Lime Popsicles


  • 14 ounce can whole coconut milk
  • 3/4 cup whole milk
  • 1/2 cup sweetened condensed milk
  • 1/4 cup lime juice
  • 1 teaspoon lime zest
  • 1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • Tiny pinch of fine grain salt


  1. Whisk all the ingredients in a medium bowl until well combined. Pour into your popsicle mold and add the sticks after an hour. After about 4 hours freezing time, remove pops from the mold and try to eat just one!


10 popsicles using this mold

Coconut Lime Popsicles serving


Hope you like my recipe of Spicy Coconut Lime Popsicles shared above to make and enjoy in summer time with your family and friends.

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