Induction Cooking Frequently asked Questions

Induction cooking is an trend now days, so their must be many questions in your mind related to induction that’s why here have complied a list of some of most common and frequently asked questions which would help you get going with your induction cooking journey on your induction cooktops. so go ahead and get your queries sorted after reading Induction Cooking FAQ right below.

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Induction Cooking Frequently asked Questions

Can aluminum pans and pots be used on an induction cooktop?

No you cant use aluminum cooking vessels and utensils like pots and pans because it wont conduct electromagnetic waves and wont get hot to cook food on induction surface.

cooking utensils including with bare copper bottom, glass and aluminum do not get hot when used with induction, so avoid using them with your induction stove.

Can hard anodized cooking utensils be used on induction cooktops?

yes they can be used easily on induction cooktop and now days many variety of good quality hard anodized cookware are available in market which are induction compatible. buy one which is durable, scratch resistance and light weight for better cooking experience.

Anodized cooking utensils comes with benefits of stainless steel cookware, caste iron utensils and non stick pans all in one.

Can i use woks on induction cooktops?

yes you can use your woks on induction tops. The best i would recommend is using flat bottom steel woks or caste iron woks as curved bottom woks wont work on the induction tops.

can i use ceramic cookware on induction cooktops?

yes you can definitely use ceramic cooking utensils on induction cooktops. and i would recommend that you use them as they tend to fall in healthy utensils category for cooking because they are made from material free from lead, chemicals, cadmium etc. which are harmful for our body. but some times they are more expensive when compared to other induction friendly utensils, so if your pocket allows then go for them without a doubt.

can i use a pressure cooker on induction cooktops?

yes you can use pressure cooker on induction tops if its induction friendly. you can check on manufacturers manual to see its induction friendly nature.

A word of advice is that don’t preheat the cooker and use it with timer to avoid any accidents or overheating of food if you tend to keep the food for cooking and move around.

How much energy does induction cooktop use?

Induction cooktops are very energy efficient and generally use 50-70% less energy when compared to its gas stove counter parts. besides that if you want to know the exact amount then it can be determined by time you require to cook the food and power tariffs per unit in your area.

can i put parchment paper on cast iron pan when using with induction cooktop?

yes you can make use of parchment paper and baking paper to between your caste iron pan and induction cooktop to prevent scratching and cook without any problems with your caste iron pan on induction top.

Can i use red copper cookware with my induction cooktop?

no red copper cookware cannot be used with induction cooktops. it is made up of high density ceramic and has copper durability to make it light weight and effective cooking utensils. it is strong in built quality and doesn’t not wear off easily leaving chips into your food.

Can i use enameled cast iron utensils with induction cooktop?

yes you can use enameled cast iron with induction cooktop easily without any issue and since its enameled it wont hurt or scratch the surface of cooktop. make sure that your cookware has flat base to work with induction cooktop as utensils with curved inward base wont work induction cooktops.

can i use carbon steel with induction cooktops?

yes carbon steel utensils and cookware can be used with induction cooktops as they works perfectly with induction cooktops. make sure your cookware including pans and wok is flat bottom and it will work great with induction top for cooking amazing dishes.

How much money will it cost to replace induction top broken glass?

Induction cooktop glass replacement wont be as costly as the cooktop it self but depending on the type of your cooktop it can range from $100 to $500 or some times even more. to know the exact price first get to know your model number then search online for the price,

if you don’t find it then call the manufacturer for price details for replacement of glass. the manufacturer number can be found on manual. if its under warranty they might change for free depending on warranty coverage and their terms.

How can i remove scratches from my induction cooktop?

you can do it with applying mixture of baking soda and water. it will help you remove mild scratches and streaks from the glass top of induction cooktop. avoid using abrasive materials for cleaning as it may leave some more stains on it thus making it look dirty. you can also make use of metal polishing cream of good quality as it would also help with cleaning the cooktop thoroughly.

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Hope you liked our collection of some widely asked questions related toc induction cooktop cooking. if you have any other questions, do let us know in comment section below and we will be happy to answer it for you as soon as possible. do share this Induction Cooking FAQ resource with friends who would like to know more about induction cooking.

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