how to clean a griddle very easily

Everyone loves of eat sandwiches and make different types of food items on the griddle. But after continuous use it will get dirty and will need to get cleaned to remove the sticky food which doesn’t hamper the heat distribution evenly on the griddle surface to make the food item cooked properly.

how to clean griddle

Here we will discuss some of the easy ways to clean the griddle at home which will increase its longevity and keep serving you good grilled food for generations to come without break down and major maintenance issues.

Griddle cleaning and maintenance Guide

Types of griddles

There are mainly 2 types of griddle in market available to make fast and tasty dishes namely electric and gas griddle. as the name suggest gas griddle use propane or lpg gas as source of fuel for cooking food and has faster cook time with better gas controls. to get yourself a gas griddle and grill check this post here

Electric griddle used electricity to heat up cooking surface which then transfer the heat to food for cooking it evenly across its full length. it comes with many temperature control to set the right temperature for cooking different kind of food. it is sticky resistant which makes it easy for cleaning after cooking and long term maintenance.

How to clean a griddle

Make sure griddle is is unplugged and cool before you start to clean it. then with a help of small cloth and spatula remove all the unwanted leftover food from the surface and sized. swipe away all the crumbs of foods away with the small brush in hand.

Soak the small cloth in hot water and clean the griddle surface with it to remove all the sticky food items from the surface when got stuck while cooking food items.

If your trays are detachable then remove them and clean in sink with water and cloth to remove all the dirty from it and then reattach to your griddle for making the tasty dishes again on the griddle.

Doing all the above steps wont take more than 5 minutes to keep your griddle clean and tidy. it will increase the working life of your griddle to make it more useful for your cooking work in kitchen.

For electric griddles

Turn on the griddle and once the sticky grease and other stuff on it starts to heat up then turn off the gas and just clean it with cloth and all the unwanted stuff would be gone making your griddle clean and tidy for next use.

If you have drip tray in your griddle as well then add some soapy water in it and let it stand in it for couple of minutes, it will reduce the amount of stickiness of grease food then you can clean the tray with normal sponge after removing stuck items with spatula to make it clean.

With cold water soaked cloth clean all the sides of griddle to remove outer dirt and let your griddle shine once again when its done.

Tips for clean griddle

  • Avoid using chemical sprays on your griddle as it may harm the non stick layer and other elements of your griddle.
  • Keep your griddle in dry place as it will prevent from any rusting issues in long term. Also avoid keeping anything above it as it might lead to some unwanted scratches on the surface of your griddle.
  • Don’t use abrasive materials and strong brushes to clean your griddles it may lead to scratches and removal of non stick coating too.
  • use your griddle in open and clean place with good ventilation to avoid built up heat in closed area which might get suffocating for some people working in kitchen.


Griddle is a very versatile types of utensil which last longer if kept and used with proper care. if you will keep your griddle clean by following above shared procedure then it will serve you for long time to make some tasty griddle sandwiches and dishes. To buy yourself a panini press or electric grill you checkout our website posts.

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