Can you freeze lentil soup

Lentil soup is a tasty, simple-to-make, incredibly nutritious dish loaded with nutrients. You can make delicious lentil soup with various varieties like green, black, yellow, and brown. It is best to consume it when it’s fresh and hot. Can you put it in a freezer if you have leftovers or cook it in large quantities?

Furthermore, undoubtedly lentil soup is loaded with protein, and it is always good to have on be prepared. However, the time-consuming procedure of making it could make you avoid making it more often.

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Can You Freeze Lentil Soup?

You can indeed store lentil soup in a freezer for consumption in the future. As long as you store the soup before it cools, it will be safe and fresh to eat once you have defrosted and heated it.

The effect on flavor is minimal; however, the impact on the texture will be more evident. You can store the soup in the refrigerator for three months.

After defrosting and reheating your soup of lentils, you might observe a slight shift in the taste and consistency.

Reasons To Freeze Lentil Soup

As we mentioned, it is possible to store lentil soup in a freezer to use later. It’ll keep its freshness and taste when it is thawed and heated. Here are some reasons it is a good idea to make and freeze lentil soup.

  • Freeze To Preserve Leftover Lentil Soup

If you cook more than you need for lentil soup, you may save the leftovers for later use. It’s recommended to freeze leftover lentil soup in the first two hours after making it so that it’s still in its freshness.

If you’ve leftover soup in the refrigerator for more than a few hours, don’t put it in a freezer because, at the time, it’s cold. It may have attracted certain food-borne bacteria.

  • Freeze Lentil Soup For Advanced Meal Planning

Frozen food items such as lentil soup can save you time and energy when planning meals for the coming week or month. The lentil soup is prepared in large quantities, and then frozen. The soup is fresh immediately after it cools to ensure it retains its freshness. The soup can be heated whenever you want without stressing about preparation time to serves with your favorite lentil salad to get best pairing with your soup which is healthy.

How to Freeze Lentil Soup?

Step One – Cool the Soup

Let your lentil soup cool off properly. Frozen but still at a hot temperature can affect the freezer’s temperature, which makes the lentil soup and everything else in the freezer more susceptible to easily spoiling.

Step Two – Stir

Make sure to stir the soup properly to ensure even distribution of the soup and vegetables by filling each ladle with soup.

Step Three – Place into Freezer Bags

Place a freezer bag made of heavy-duty in the shape of a large mug and fold it over the top edges to ensure you can easily pour in the soup. Don’t over-pack the bag. You want to leave enough room for your soup to grow in the freezer.

Step Four – Seal the Bag

Close the bag after removing any air left in it.

Step Five – Date and Label Packaging

Label and date the soup and label it.

Step Six – Take Air out and Freeze

After a couple of hours, remove the bag from the freezer and remove any air inside the bag. Then, you can close the bag and put it back in the freezer. You can use it within six months.

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How to Thaw Lentil Soup?

If you’re planning to have another bowl of lentil soup, You must be prepared to remove it. Follow these steps:

  • To warm frozen lentil soup, take the bags you wish to use from the freezer and allow the soup to cool in the refrigerator overnight.
  • Then, put the soup in a pot in the oven and gently heat it.
  • Lentils absorb water until they’re completely frozen. You might discover that your soup is slightly thicker and drier than before the freezing.
  • Add a tiny bit of broth or water to the pot to thin your lentil soup.

To get the best results, consume the soup after it has been frozen for two days. Do not refreeze already frozen lentil soup.

The 3 Things That Can Happen When You Freeze Lentil Soup

Three things occur in the case of freezing lentil soup. Let’s examine each of them.

  • The liquid contained in the soup expands.

If you put lentil soup in a freezer or another soup, you will notice that the fluid inside it expands. Therefore, the soup can expand and crack the container if the pot is filled to capacity. Therefore, leaving some space within the container is recommended to allow for expansion.

  • The soup’s consistency changes a little bit:

Once you’ve frozen lentil soup, the soup becomes solid, liquid ice. After you have defrosted the soup, you’ll see that the texture has changed. It’s drier than it was when you froze it. Therefore, you’ll need to add water or broth to dilute the soup before taking it in.

  • The flavor changes:

Because you need to add some water or stock to the lentil soup to increase its consistency following the thawing, the flavor is slightly different than when frozen.

Why is Lentil Soup Healthy?

  • Vitamins. Lentils might be small in size; however, they are huge in terms of nutrients! They contain B vitamins and magnesium, potassium as well as iron. Along with the lentils, you get plenty of vitamins from the vegetables and the soup.
  • Protein. A cup of cooked lentils has 9g of protein. This soup can be a nutritious food option for vegetarians and non-vegetarians too.
  • Fiber. Both lentils and carrots are good sources of fiber. There’s 8g of fiber contained in the 1/2 cup cooked lentil! When combined with protein, the fiber will truly boost energy and leave you feeling satisfied.

Can You Refreeze Frozen Lentil Soup?

It’s not recommended to refreeze lentil soup. It is likely to suffer in consistency, texture, and appearance. So, it is recommended to avoid freezing lentil soup.

Even freezing in small portions is the best, as it allows you to remove the frozen portion and use it as much as you want without getting through the trouble of freezing and refreezing.

Make sure you use the entire quantity of lentil soup you’ve thawed at the same time without having leftovers. Suppose you find yourself with leftover food items. In that case, you should eliminate them since the chances are that they’re not safe or suitable to eat any longer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Red Lentil Soup Freeze Well?

Yes, it can. After taking it out of the freezer, let it thoroughly defrost in the refrigerator, and then you can use a stove to heat it. if you are interested in making lentil based stew then read its recipe in this post for make scrumptious stew easily.

How Long Does Homemade Lentil Soup Last?

You can consume lentil soup within five days of making it. After defrosting it, you can consume it within a couple of days.

How Do You Know If Your Cooked Lentils Are Bad?

Dry lentils can have a long shelf life. Still, after they’ve been cooked, you must take them out or store them in a freezer for a maximum of 4-5 days (if kept in a sealed container within the refrigerator).

If the lentils smell unpleasant, you must throw them out immediately.

Can Dry Lentils Do Bad?

Yes! You can store dry lentils safely. Dry lentils can last for two to three years. It is best to store them in a tightly sealed container.

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