Can you freeze jackfruit

Jackfruit is a fruit from the jackfruit tree, which grows in southern Asia, Africa, and South America. With the advent of the Internet, many are becoming increasingly aware of the existence of Jackfruit in the west, specifically because of its delicious taste and meat-based substitute properties.

You can freeze fruits of all kinds. It can allow you to store up fruits and keep them fresh for longer. Due to Jackfruit’s size, texture and appearance, it’s reasonable to inquire whether it is possible to freeze it to keep it fresh.

You can freeze Jackfruit. But, unless using varikka Jackfruit, its texture gets drastically altered. The frozen Jackfruit can turn soft and lose its texture.
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Can You Freeze Jackfruit?

Jackfruit is a meaty, dense fruit that’s not as juicy as other fruits, so it’s an ideal candidate to freeze. It doesn’t matter if you have fresh raw Jackfruit, cooked Jackfruit or even canned or packaged Jackfruit; you can freeze it.

There are two types of Jackfruit: soft and crisp. Soft Jackfruit has incredibly soft arils, which are great for freezing or dry. On the other hand, crisp Jackfruit has the appearance of the crispiest and firm arils.

Although they can be frozen well, keeping their nutritional value and flavor. Still, the process of freezing does affect the crispness. After thawing your Jackfruit, the arils will look like soft Jackfruit in appearance and texture.

How Do You Freeze Raw Jackfruit?

When freezing raw jackfruit, it is crucial to wash and dry the fruit. Slice the fruit into tiny pieces, and remove all seeds and hard components. Place the jackfruit pieces on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper. Freeze for 2 hours or until the fruit is firm.

After frozen, move the jackfruit to safe freezer bags or containers. You can keep it in the freezer for up to six months. Once you’re ready to use frozen jackfruits, you can thaw them overnight in the refrigerator.

The next day cooks the jackfruit the same way you would fresh fruit in pies, smoothies, or other recipes.

Can You Freeze Cooked Jackfruit?

Yes, it is possible to freeze the cooked Jackfruit. The fruit will be good to freeze on its own or with a sauce like BBQ sauce or curry dish.

To ensure that the cooked Jackfruit stays fresh when stored in the freezer, keep the Jackfruit in an airtight container or bag for the freezer.

If you’re keeping cooked Jackfruit containing sauces, it’s recommended to use an airtight container to place them in. Be sure to leave approximately one-quarter inch space over the high-end of your container to let the sauce expand.

For Jackfruit that has been cooked and not any sauce, freezing the fruit in an airtight bag or container is acceptable.

For bags for freezing, be sure to press the bag to eliminate any air left when sealing. When ready to freeze, lay the bags flat on the counter. After it’s solidly frozen, it’s possible to stack them on top of one another or set them on a stand to free up the space inside your freezer.

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Does Freezing Affect Jackfruit?

Although Jackfruit gets much attention, it’s still not readily available in the marketplace. If you’re a fan of it, you may want to purchase more fruit in the stores. Once you have brought it back, you might be unable to finish it all in one sitting. Therefore, it’s a good alternative and won’t adversely affect Jackfruit.

Instead, the chilled and ripe Jackfruit can be delicious. As with other food items, it’s important to freeze the fruits according to the appropriate guidelines. Making sure you follow the right steps is crucial to ensure that the fruit stays fresh, sweet and healthy over long periods.

There are two varieties of jackfruits. You can freeze both types.

It is possible to freeze the raw and ripe varieties and tinned versions.

You can freeze the cooked pieces too.

Because seeds are edible, it is also possible to refrigerate them. You can consume Jackfruit in numerous ways, and plenty of ready-to-eat snacks on the market. Alongside other snacks, the Chakka Chips of Seril made from Jackfruit taste delicious.

If you’re vegan, freeze the pieces and add them to various recipes.

How to Defrost Jackfruit?

If you want to defrost your Jackfruit, there are several options. You can defrost it using the microwave or fridge or run it under cool water.


To defrost Jackfruit using a microwave, take the desired quantity of Jackfruit from the freezer-safe container and set it on a dish. It is then microwaved in 5-10-15-second intervals to prevent overheating and altering the texture further. This would be the quickest method, but not something we recommend if the quality was your objective.


To defrost Jackfruit within the fridge, just place the desired Jackfruit in a plate or container and let it freeze. It depends on the amount you decide to take out. However, it could take anything from 30 minutes to an hour.

Cool Water

In the end, you can freeze Jackfruit and then defrost it by running it through the cool water. This is most effective if each slice is divided into freezer-safe bags.

In addition, you may not need to defrost it all at all in the event of what you’re planning to utilize it for. If you plan to put it in stew or soup, it’s the easiest option to add the frozen Jackfruit as you cook!

How Do You Use Frozen Jackfruit?

It is possible to use frozen Jackfruit in a myriad of recipes that require cooking, like subzi, described as an Indian recipe made from four ingredients: onion, red chilli, garlic, and frozen Jackfruit. It’s quick and simple to cook.

It is important to ensure that you remove the seeds when you freeze your Jackfruit. It could also be advantageous if you cut the Jackfruit in smaller chunks before freezing so that they cook faster when frozen.

It is crucial to know that you should utilize young Jackfruit with a green colour when you plan to use them in your cooking, as they are more suitable for absorbing the spices and flavours. Ripe Jackfruit is best frozen and eaten raw.

After you’ve thawed your Jackfruit, refreezing is unnecessary as this could encourage bacterial growth and cause the Jackfruit to be too soft.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Frozen Jackfruit Taste Like?

The frozen Jackfruit isn’t as crisp as fresh Jackfruit, which is unfrozen and raw. You’ll still have to let your frozen jackfruit thaw before you eat. Also, it will appear a bit mushy than fresh Jackfruit since it has taken in more moisture through its freezing.

But frozen Jackfruit can be very beneficial because it keeps most of the nutrients from fresh Jackfruit.

Can you freeze jackfruit stew?

You can freeze Jackfruit Stew. It is recommended to store the stew within an airtight bin to get the best outcome. When freezing the stew, be careful about overfilling them up to the top. When the stew is frozen, it expands. If properly stored, it can last for 2 months when stored in the freezer.

Is it possible to freeze Jackfruit hamburgers?

We highly suggest not freezing jackfruit burgers. Although the burger can be frozen well, it’ll become soggy after it’s been thawed. Instead, you can freeze the Jackfruit in separate freezers. When you’re ready to cook the burger, take the fruit from the freezer and prepare the burger.

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