Can You Freeze Carrots

Carrots are among those vegetables that, once purchased often, you end up with more than you need simultaneously. Although these healthy vegetables will last for a while in the refrigerator, a large quantity may make it difficult to use the entire amount in time. It is good that you can preserve your precious carrots by making them the right way and then putting them in the freezer!

Can you freeze carrots?

You can store carrots in the freezer! They will taste identical to fresh carrots when cooked in any dish. Be sure to immediately freeze the fresh carrots even if you aren’t planning to use them, or store them in the refrigerator until you can freeze them. So the carrots stay fresh until they are frozen.

Is it beneficial to freeze carrots?

Carrots benefit people with diabetes, aid in having regular bowel movements, and have a range of vital minerals and vitamins.

Carrots are loaded with beneficial nutrients, and they are particularly beneficial for those suffering from diabetes. The root vegetables have an adequate amount of fiber in Pectin and soluble fibers, which can aid in regular elimination.

Apart from the above advantages, carrots are a great source of a variety of vital nutrients as well as minerals. They include potassium and biotin as well as vitamins, particularly Vitamin A, through their beta-carotene aplenty.

The main reason to store carrots in the freezer is that freezing these healthy food items will preserve health advantages as you adhere to the proper preparation techniques. The hallmark of a well-stocked kitchen is the ability to pull healthy foods that have been prepared out of the fridge at the moment needed.

How to Freeze Carrots?

Wash and Cut

Cleanse your carrots with cold water to wash away any dirt or bacteria that may have accumulated on the carrots before cutting or removing them.

Cut both ends off each carrot. Pee; the carrot skin. You should cut the carrots into 1 to 2 inch chunks, or however large or small you plan to use once they are frozen.


Bring an ice-water pot to a simmer, and then add your carrots. Cook for a couple of minutes. You should cook them until they’re tender but not completely cooked and soft.

Ice Bath

Make sure you have a bowl of ice water and are ready to start. After simmering the carrots in boiling water for about 2 minutes, remove the pot before adding the carrots to the water bath.

This stops the cooking process of the carrots and aids in cooling them down. After about a couple of hours in an ice bath, take the carrots out and wipe them dry using the help of a paper towel.

Flash Freeze

Place your carrots on an oven sheet, so they don’t touch. This will stop them from getting stuck together when frozen.

Then, freeze them for three hours, or until completely frozen. This is crucial because if they’re soft when you place them in a bag together, they will melt in one huge mass.


When they’re frozen, take the baking tray out of the freezer. Place the carrots inside an airtight freezer bag. Place them in the freezer for as long as you require them.

Be sure to get the most air from the bag so that moisture doesn’t get absorbed and cause freezer burn to the carrots. 

If your frozen carrots get soggy, it’s due to them being cooked too long during the process of blanching and were not placed in an ice bath. This could be because the carrots were not as fresh after being blanched and stored.

We recommend you buy fresh carrots whenever you store them and not hold them until they are gone.

preparing carrots for

How To Freeze Cooked Carrots?


Suppose your carrots have been cooked in slices, chunks, or mash. Cool them thoroughly before packing them. If needed, they can be placed into the freezer to accelerate the cooling process.


Clean up any excess moisture or water on the outside. This is particularly important for boiling carrots. Exposure to air or moisture could cause freeze burns during freezing.

After cooling, put the carrots into freezer bags. Then, press out any air and seal the bags.

Label and Freeze

Mark the bags with the dates and put them in the freezer.

3 Tips to Freeze Raw Carrots

We’ve provided our top 3 tips we highly recommend you follow for freezing raw carrots to get the best results.

Freeze them all

If you are planning to use carrots in various ways, there’s no need to deal with the hassle of peeling and cutting them before freezing them. Instead, skip the steps listed in steps 1-3 and put them into freezer-safe bags that are freezer-safe.

It will also increase the time needed to prepare them when it’s time to remove these from your freezer.

Cook them from Frozen

Carrots are cooked from frozen, which means you don’t have to spend time defrosting them. If they are cooked in a pot, cook the stir fry, or bake them in the oven, you can remove your carrots straight out of the freezer to cook them in any way you like.

Refrigerate them

While many people keep carrots in a refrigerator at room temperature, store them in the cooler part of your refrigerator for more exclusive results. This will help them last up to an entire month without having to freeze them.

How Long Can You Freeze Raw Carrots?

The carrots can be frozen raw for about three months. In reality, many people store their vegetables more than that and have no issues.

However, consuming them within three months will ensure they won’t get stale and tasteless. 

How do you defrost raw carrots?

While you can cook raw carrots that have been frozen, however, it isn’t difficult to defrost them. This is important to know if you’d like to grate your carrots for homemade coleslaw or to relish them with creamy Hummus.

To defrost raw carrots, take them from your freezer and then place them in the refrigerator to chill for 6 to 8 hours. If you’re looking to accelerate the process, place the carrots in water that is at room temperature on the counter, and then serve them when they’ve softened.

Using Carrots- Recipe inspiration.

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storing carrots in freezer in in vacuum


Why Are My Frozen Carrots Rubbery?

If your carrots feel rubbery after freezing, they are likely because they were not blanched before freezing. Blanching involves boiling the vegetables for a short time before cooling them and freezing them. It assists in keeping their texture and taste.

Are raw carrots safe to freeze without blanching them before?

Yes, you can. Be aware that blanching the vegetables before freezing will preserve the texture, color, and taste. However, the carrots that are not blanched may be of less quality than blanched ones after prolonged freezing. But they are the same in terms of safety and nutrition.

How can I refreeze the carrots?

Yes. But repeated thawing and freezing will dramatically affect the texture of the food and flavor, making them less delicious and more spongy.

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