Can You Freeze Brie Cheese

Brie is a delicious, savory cheese that enhances any dish’s flavor. The mild, rich French Brie flavor can be easily added to many different dishes to elevate them to a new level. It’s great on pizza, cheese popcorns and makes dreamy mac and cheese. Brie cheese is just one of more than 400 varieties of French cheese.

Brie cheese has a fruity, rich flavor with a creamy texture melts in the mouth. France is the home of the world-famous original Brie. Stabilized brie is what you can find in the US.

It is not the same as the original, but it is very good cheese. Brie made with raw milk cannot be imported into the USA. This is because Brie is too ripe to be consumed.

Brie Cheese

Can you safely freeze brie cheese?

Yes, you can. It is important to understand what works and what does not. Brie’s soft texture isn’t great for freezing. It can be frozen and used in many different cooked dishes. Fresh and ripe Brie is the best way to enjoy it. You can prolong its shelf life by freezing it. Although the texture and flavor won’t be as good after it thaws, they can still be delicious if you use them wisely.

This cheese is high in fat and water, so it can cause a loss of taste. This expands when it freezes and can cause problems with the cheese’s texture and structure. It becomes wetter as it thaws, and this dilutes its taste. If you can know how to freeze it properly, you can reduce the damage and preserve more of its deliciousness. If you freeze your Brie the right way, it will not taste so different, even if there are some dietary restrictions.

Brie Cheese packaging for wrapping

What happens to Brie if it is frozen?

Brie has high water content, so the water will crystallize and alter the texture when you freeze it. To minimize texture changes, it is important to freeze Brie as soon as possible. If your freezer has a Flash-freezing setting, you can preserve the quality and freshness of frozen foods, especially cheeses such as Brie. These settings can make a big difference in the quality of your food after it has thawed.

Methods To Freeze Brie Cheese

There are two main ways to freeze brie cheese; the first option is for those who want convenience and don’t have much time to dedicate to the process. The other method retains less freshness than the first and is recommended for anyone who plans to use the Brie as a melted or cooked recipe.

Method 1

For this method, you will need the brie cheese, a mat, a baking tray or parchment paper, and a container or freezer bag.

Step 1- Start by cutting the Brie. To determine the thickness of your cheese, you’ll need to think about how you will prepare it. You can use a few thin slices in stews and sauces, but you will need smaller slices for bread and crackers.

Step 2- The slices should be frozen before you freeze them. Place the parchment paper or other nonstick paper on the cookie tray. Then, place the slices in one layer approximately an inch apart. Place the tray in the freezer for at least a few hours.

Step 3- You can transfer the slices to your freezer bag or container after a while. It is helpful to label the tray with the date.

brie cheese in parchment paper

Method 2

This method requires brie cheese, a freezer pouch, and something to wrap it in. You should not use saran wrap, as it will stick to the cheese after it has thawed.

Step 1- This method of slicing cheese is recommended but not required. It is worth considering how often you will need the cheese in the future. If you don’t want to slice, ensure you only use one wheel at a time. We do not recommend re-thawing cheese.

Step 2- Wrap the cheese individually in the wrapping paper that you choose. The cheese’s surface should not be exposed, and the wrap must be secured.

Step 3- Place the wrapped pieces in a freezer bag. Ensure to get as much air out of the bag before sealing it. This method makes marking the bag with the date even more important. Place the bag in the freezer, and then take it out as often as needed.

brie cheese in cling wrap for freezing

How do you defrost Brie Cheese?

The majority of texture changes occur during the thawing-out process. This is the most important step in ensuring your cheese retains its original texture and shape. Brie must be thawed in a fridge and not on the counter. The cheese will lose its texture if it is thawed in the fridge.

Let the brie thaw for approximately 24 hours before taking it out of the fridge. Allow it to come to room temperature slowly before you serve it. For best results, thaw brie within two days. Do not refreeze any previously frozen Brie cheese.

The Pros and Cons Of Freezing Brie Cheese

There are pros and cons to freezing brie cheese, as with everything in life.


There are many reasons to freeze brie cheese. If you have leftovers for any reason, you can freeze brie cheese, so you don’t throw them away. To extend the shelf life of brie cheese, freeze it immediately after you purchase it. This will allow it to last for weeks or even months. Finally, you can save time by freezing unbaked puff pastry or baking it. It is ready to bake or reheat when needed.


There are some downsides to freezing cheese, especially soft cheese. For example, the cheese might change its taste and texture. If you want it to last longer, it is necessary to freeze the whole wheel. It’s unsafe to freeze the entire wheel at once.


Brie is one of the most popular cheeses worldwide. It is pretty expensive, so it is worth stocking up. It can be frozen to extend its shelf-life by 3 to 6 months. While it can affect the product’s texture, it will not alter its taste. Properly storing it is especially important. Place the cheese in a bag and place it in the freezer.

brie cheese goes well with different breads, hog dogs, sandwiches, crackers, tangy fruits, pies and many more dishes to give your tasty buds yummy taste which you will like to get multiple times frequently.

brie cheese with crackers and bread

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to freeze opened brie cheese?

Yes, you can freeze opened brie cheese. Wrap it in plastic wrap and then place it in a freezer bag. Vacuum sealing bags are also available if you need to keep them fresher for longer.

How can you defrost frozen Brie?

It is easy to thaw a portion of Brie cheese frozen in a container. Your refrigerator will do the rest. You just need to take the frozen package out of the freezer and put it in the fridge to defreeze. The cheese will retain its moisture. The Brie cheese can be thawed overnight or for 24 hours.

How long does frozen Brie last?

Brie should be kept in the freezer for three months in an airtight container. If it isn’t of good quality, or if it has been frozen after being opened for a few days, Brie will not keep well.

How can you tell when Brie is bad?

Brie cheese that has gone bad will typically develop a hard texture at the edges, dark color, and have an off-smell. If mold is found on Brie cheese that was not normal during manufacturing, it should be thrown out.

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