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We've been busy in the kitchen the last couple of weeks working on various projects. In addition to our everyday baking for markets and order. It's safe to say its all a go-go (minus the sequined hot pants) here at KookyHQ. Of late we have been doing a lot of bespoke cakes for various clients.

Wheres WallyI was sat in a planning meeting with the bakery buyer at Selfridges a few months ago and she randomly drop into a non related conversation 'How Do you Feel About Wally?' I paused and my mind went into overdrive thinking what on earth is she asking me? Is there a Wally that I should have a strong opinion about? I replied with a rather middle of the road response, in my head I was thinking of Disney's Wall-e. My inability to have a poker face let me down and she caught me out for not having a clue about this Wally chap. 

After she explained him to me, I had my eureka moment  'Bingo, you mean Waldo' Explaining that in America he was called Waldo, which lead to a bit of laughter and some serious brainstorimng.  

Where's Walley (or Waldo depending on what continent you hail from) is turning 25 years old this year.  We think he's not aged a bit. To celebrate, Selfridges are doing a Where's Wally pop-up shop and commissioned us to create a limited edition cupcake to mark the occasion.

Tah Dah.. Presenting our limited edition Where's Wally Red Velvet Cupcake which is exclusively at Selfridges Oxford Street till the 25th of September. 


Where's Wally Competition

We've had a lot of fun scouring the web and social media searching for our Wally Cupcakes... I thought it would be fun to do a Where's Wally Photo Competition

This is how it works... Head to Selfridges bakery counter our Where's Wally cupcake. Then get your creative juices flowing and photograph it an interesting location....

Once you have your award winning photo you need to let us see it.

There are three ways to enter

Tweet the photo with the 2 hashtags #whereswally #cupcake on twitter.
Instagram the Pic with the 2 hashtags #whereswally #cupcake on Instagram
Post the pic to Kooky Bakes Facebook wall

The most creative pic will win a dozen cupcakes or whoopie pies delivered to a London location. If you don't live in London we can send the winner a dozen whoopie pies to any Uk Location.   
Competition ends on the 25th of September with the Winners Announced on the 30th of September. You can enter as many unique photos as you like. All photos entered may be used on Kooky Bakes website or social networking site.

Twitter response: "Bad Authentication data."





Sourced Markets (St Pancras Stations)

Timberyard (Seven Dials, Old Street & SOHO COMING SOON)

Brooklyn Coffee (Commercial St)

Alchemy Coffee (Ludgate Circus)

St Davids (Forrest Hill)

The Waiting Room (Deptford)

Brick Lane Coffee (Errr Brick Lane)

West Elm (Tottenham Court Rd)

La Moka (Battersea)

Drink Me Eat Me (Hammersmith)

Jonestown Coffee (Bethnel Green)

The Robin Craft Cafe (East Sheen)

Food Garden Cafe (Selfridges Oxford Street)

The Brass Rail (Selfridges Oxford Street)

Dolly's (Selfridges Oxford Street)

The Corner (Selfridges Oxford Street)

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