One Hell of a party.

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Kerbs Helraising Halloween party

This friday the 1st if November sees the final instalment of Kerd Under the canopies.  I'm not going into the politics of it.... But do come down and show them what they are missing.

Basically the team at kerb have coralled the most creative traders to present a frightenly good night to remember.  We are all presenting menues that we would not normally do.

This has been a fun challenge as it's getting be to do things we dont do week in and week out.

We are approaching this whilst embrasing our inner Jeckle & Hyde.   On the night we hope to serve:

Blood Splattered Red Velvet Cupcakes,
Cemetry Plot Cupcakes
Giant spidr cupcakes
Boo Berry Cheesecake Cupcake

Toffee Apples
Zombie Food
Speared eyeballs
Ghost Poop Tea Cakes

Pumpkin & Speculoos Whoopies
Blood red velvet cupcakePeanut Butter Cupc Whoopies
Salted Caramel Whoopies

Pecan PiesPumplin Pies
Pumpkin Chiffon Pies
Caramel Cream Pies
The American Classic Shoofly Pie

Our Signature Slice
Trick or Treat Slice
Pimped Up Brownie
Peannut Millionaie Shortbread

Door open at 6pm

a full list of traders can be found here.


New Begininngs

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New Dawn for Kerb Markets

We are really excited to be involved in new projects.  Especially being involved with a new approach to the city market.

Come the 29th of June you will know what I mean.  Kerb is taking over granary square in n1c for a monthly Saturday market.  Being a kerb event you know that the best street food traders will be present and accounted for including Kooky Bakes.

In addition to our kerb traders there will be a handful of carefully selected local producers of produce, meats, flowers and other things people need.

In addition to our whoopies, slices & cupcakes, We will be trialling out some breakfast baked goods.

So join us on the 29th of June and see it from the beginning


Amy Winehouse

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Making of a Mayor

Sometimes a project comes along that you get so excited to do, then the realisation comes hitting home that you might not be able to pull it off.

That was the case when the soon to be Mayor of Camden asked me to make cakes for his mayor making ceremony.  This was the exciting part.  Now here comes the stressful part, he wanted them to honour Amy Winehouse.  To add to the stress, Amy's family were going to be on attendance.  So no pressure at all.

I brainstormed through loads of ideas , some were rubbish, some were naff, some were just uninspired. But I came back to something I always found visually stimulating about Amy, her tattoos.

We have a winner.  We decide to create a tattoo flash sheet design from some of her most notable tattoos.  Then transferred them to fondant and cut them into cupcake toppers.  We were onto a winner.

Based on one of Amy's favourite drinks we created a banana, bourbon & baileys cupcake. Adorned the cake with the bespoke topper and voila.  The Amy Winehouse Cupcake was born.

The Amy Winehouse Foundation, the Mayor of London loved them, Amy's tatooist Henry Hate (prick), Amy's digital fan base liked,shared, and tweeted into a social media frenzy.  But most importantly, Amy's family loved them.  I'm really proud that we did the legend justice to her parents.



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Making a perfect sandwich is tricky in my opinion.  It's soooo simple, if you don't get the simple things right it's an epic failure,  but when you get it right it's amazing.

Take for example the Schnitzel Sandwich from Fleishmob.  Simple construction of light sourdough rye, schnitzel, salad, home made compote and mustard (does not come standard  ) sounds yum right? Yep you guessed it, it's one of my favourite sandwiches in london.

The breaded pork leg steak is generously seasoned and then is fried in oil and butter. Once cool it's doused with lemon, then piled high on rocket and sandwiched between two slices or rye glistening with a cranberry esque compote ans. smear of muster at my request.  The sandwich is substantial and hold together as you nosh.

I'd hasten to say that it's in my top three sandwiches in london

Go see them out! They are normally at Brockley market and they do loads of Kerb events too.

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