Our Story,  So Far......

Born In the States
Baked in Britian

Chocolate Baily Bomb Cupcake

How it all Began

Kooky has been baking since the tender age of 3 (we have pics to prove it) and winning awards for his baked goods since the late 80's... Ribbons from the state fairs count, right?

We don't want to insult you by saying that we use recipes handed down from generation to generation. In the cupcake world this can only be true if you are a descendant of Julia Child, Martha Stewart or Betty Crocker. 

That said most of what we do is inspired by food memories and re-invention of other cakes and desserts.  We have developed recipes that taste incredible.

Who is Kooky?

We are London-based bespoke purveyors of award winning small batch baked goods, making Whoopie Pies, Kooky Cupcakes, Layer Cakes, Pies, Slices, Brownies, cookies, bespoke Dessert Tables and more.

Our full range is available weekly from Brockley Market.
You can also get your mouth around out baked goods at London's best independant coffee shops. For more information check out our stockists.

Biscoff Crispy Slice
Dreamy Brownies

About the bakes

We use great quality ingredients: Fair Trade sugars, single country origin chocolates & Fair Trade certified seasonal fruit when ever possible; butters both British & French as long as they taste great, and british eggs and dairy.

Alas, all of our standard cakes do contain eggs & dairy, but most are suitable for vegetarians.

That said we offer a great range of baked goods for various diets be it dairy free. Gluten free or even vegan.  The main goals for our special diest range is you cane say... By The way this is vegan.

everything we do is

Hand Made
in small batches

building on memories

We help you to create new memories.

Small Batch Baked

No crazy mass production.  Home style baking on a slightly larger scale. Never scrimping or cutting corners.

Seasonal Flavours

The seasons change... and so do our flavours. Keeping it fresh and current.