We're the first to admidt that we're suckers for a cupcake. Now, as with all things Kooky these are not ordinary cupcakes; they are what we like to call 4d cupcakes. These cupcakes will take you to the 4th dimension of taste. Who could resist the charm of a bit of sponge injected with a filling and piped with frosting then garnished with a topper. That's the way our Kooky Cupcakes roll.

Our flavours are seasonal because we like to keep it fresh, but fear not: we bake summer and winter variations of some of our cupcakes so you can get you fix year round.

Classic Flavours

from £2.50 each   £24.00 per dozen

Red Velvet – red velvet sponge, cream cheese frosting, red velvet crumbs.
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough – vanilla chocolate chip sponge, cookie dough butter cream, chocolate chips.
Chocolate Dirt – dark chocolate sponge, milk chocolate butter crème, chocolate dirt crumbs.
Salted Caramel – caramel sponge, salted caramel butter crème, caramel chunks.
Chocolate Salted Caramel - chocolate sponge, salted caramel butter crème, caramel & chocolate chunks.
Malted Chocolate
– chocolate sponge, malted milk chocolate butter crème, malteser.
Lemon Zest – lemon zest sponge, lemon cream cheese, lemon zest.
Party – confetti filled vanillla sponge, birthday cake buttercreme, multicolour confetti sprinkles
Java Java Mocha  - latte sponge, mocha buttercream, chocolate crumbs.
Carrot - Spiced Carrot sponge with orange cream cheese butter cream and toasted pecan crumbs

Kooky Signature Flavours

from £2.50 each £26.00 per Dozen

Peach Melba - raspberry studded vanilla sponge, peach buttercream, raspberry jam, fresh raspberries, raspbery crumbs
PB&J -
peanut butter sponge, peanut butter buttercream, grape jelly, honey roasted peanut crumbs.
Cookies & Creme Supreme -
Oreo cookie crumb sponge, oreo cream buttercream, chocolate sauce, oreo cookie topper.
Peaches & Creme -
vanilla sponge, peach jam injection, peach buttercream, vanilla buttercream glazed peach.
Blueberry Cheesecake –
blueberry studded brown sugar sponge, blueberry jam, cream cheese butter cream, digestive biscuit crumbs, fresh blueberries.
Raspberry & White Chocolate – raspberry ripple sponge, raspberry jam injection, white chocolate butter cream, Freeze dried raspberry crumbs, fresh raspberries
The Triple 'C' – chocolate chip studded coconut sponge, caramel injection, caramel butter crème, coconut-encrusted milk chocolate disc.
Black & Blue – blueberry sponge, blackcurrant jam injection, blackberry mouse butter cream, fresh blackberry.
Rockiest Road – chocolate sponge, milk chocolate butter cream, marshmallows, slivered almonds, glacier cherries, lashings of dark chocolate.
Strawberry Fields Forever – strawberry sponge, strawberry conserves injection, strawberry mouse butter cream, fresh strawberry (in season).
Pistachio & Cherry - Pistachio Sponge, Cherry compote, cherry buttercream & nibbed pistachio garnish.
Orange Blossom - orange blossom sponge, orange curd, orange blossom buttercream, fondant blossom.
Jasmine Blossom - jasmin scented sponge, jasmine gelee, jasmine sented buttercream, fondant blossom.
Rose – rose scented sponge, rose gelee, rose butter crème, crystallized rose petals.
Lemon Cheesecake - brown sugar sponge, lemon curd, cream cheese butter cream, feuilletine.
Turtle - Based on the American Confectionary - Dark Chocolate Sponge, Chocolate Butter cream, caramel sauce, toasted pecan crumbs & caramel chunks
Rhubarb Crumble - Rhubarb Ripple Sponge, Vanilla Bean Butter cream, Crumble Crumbs & Yorkshire Rhubarb Compote

Kooky Deluxe Flavours

from £3.00 each £30.00 per Dozen

Coffee & Doughnuts - cinnamon sugar sponge, raspberry jam injection, flat white buttercream, mini glazed doughnut topper.
Fortunate Green Tea -
green tea sponge, cherry gelee injection, white chocolate buttercream, fortune cookie topper.
Amaretto Cherry-
almond & cherry sponge, amaretto soak*, amaretto buttercream, cherry compote, feuilletine, fresh cherry
Tea with Lady Loo -
specaloos sponge, lady lray tea custard injection, orange & bergamont buttercream & bespoke specaloos biscuit topper.
Salty Mess -
peanutbutter sponge, salted caramel injection, milk chocolate buttercream, marshmallow cream, candied pretzles.
Cherry Ripe -
Based on the hugely popular Aussie candy bar - Chocolate Sponge with cherry, Chocolate ganache butter cream, shredded coconut, cherry jam & cherry ripe truffle ball
Victoria Sponge
– vanilla sponge, raspberry jam injection, vanilla butter cream, raspberry jam, cake topper, raspberry garnish.
The  Dirt Ball – dark chocolate sponge, milk chocolate mousse butter cream, chocolate sauce, chocolate shavings, chocolate dirtball truffle, chocolate crumbs.
Jaffa – vanilla & orange blossom sponge, orange marmalade injection, chocolate ganache butter cream, handmade chocolate 'orange' segment.
Chocotecture – dark chocolate sponge, white chocolate mouse butter cream, milk chocolate mouse butter cream, chocolate sauce, milk chocolate topper.
Chocolate Covered Cherry – chocolate sponge, Kirsch soaked cherry, cherry conserves, morello cherry butter crème, dipped in dark chocolate, cherry crumbs.


from £3.00

We also do completely bespoke cupcakes tailored to your requirements. We have worked from some pretty abstract briefs from clients to turn out some incredible, unique flavours. We can print branding and logos for corporate and private events in–house for a short turnaround time.

Your imagination is our only limit.

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