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Have a look through our menu.  We have broken it up into nice little sweet categories to make it super easy to complete the otherwise daunting task of finding the best baked goods in London.

Being a small batch bakery, please understand that everything is baked to order.  For most orders we need at minimum 48 hours notice.  We have been known to turn things around in less than 24 hours.  For that service you must ask very nicely or something like that. Please ask and we will try and fit you in.   


A rose by any other name...

Presenting our Dosants. I'm sure you have heard of them before by their trademarked name (Cronuts). The concept is genius and its creator a god in the world of pastry.
Never heard of a dosant before? It's basically a doughnut croissant hybrid that's been deep fried, filled, and glazed. We normally skip the rolling in sugar part, but are of course happy to get sweeter at customers' request.


We're the first to admidt that we're suckers for a cupcake. Now, as with all things Kooky these are not ordinary cupcakes; they are what we like to call 4d cupcakes. These cupcakes will take you to the 4th dimension of taste. Who could resist the charm of a bit of sponge injected with a filling and piped with frosting then garnished with a topper. That's the way our Kooky Cupcakes roll.

Our flavours are seasonal because we like to keep it fresh, but fear not: we bake summer and winter variations of some of our cupcakes so you can get you fix year round.

Layer Cakes

Who doesn't like a slice of cake? 

Our flavours are seasonal because we like to keep it fresh, but fear not: we have summer and winter variations on some of our cakes so you can get you fix year round. 

Whoopie Pies

Whoopie pies were once deemed the 'new cupcake'. Thankfully for the cupcake's sake this prophecy did not become a reality. It did not matter to us as we are not trend led, but lead the trends. Our whoopie pies have developed a deservedly huge following. 

Never hear of a whoopie pie? Its an American treat whose origin is hotly debated so we wont go into that.  Basically its two sponge domes sandwiched together with a cream filling. Kind of like an inside out cupcake or even a cake burger. Either way they are a perfectly portable bit of cake.

Cake pops

Cakes on a stick? You have got to be kidding, right? We kid you not.
Cake pops – or flavour pops as some people call them – are perfect little balls of cake and frosting enveloped by a candy–like coating and popped on a stick. 

For us it's all about flavour, we don't stick to chocolate & vanilla. Heh. 'stick' – geddit?

Brownies & Slices

We take our brownies and slices very seriously here at Kooky Bakes. This is no laughing matter; bad brownies and slices are the bane of our existance. You know the ones: dry, cakey, regretful.

Our slices & brownies are rich, decadent and award winning. Some say they are worth their weight in gold – we'll let you be the judge of that.

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Sourced Markets (St Pancras Stations)

Timberyard (Seven Dials, Old Street & SOHO COMING SOON)

Brooklyn Coffee (Commercial St)

Alchemy Coffee (Ludgate Circus)

St Davids (Forrest Hill)

The Waiting Room (Deptford)

Brick Lane Coffee (Errr Brick Lane)

West Elm (Tottenham Court Rd)

La Moka (Battersea)

Drink Me Eat Me (Hammersmith)

Jonestown Coffee (Bethnel Green)

The Robin Craft Cafe (East Sheen)

Food Garden Cafe (Selfridges Oxford Street)

The Brass Rail (Selfridges Oxford Street)

Dolly's (Selfridges Oxford Street)

The Corner (Selfridges Oxford Street)

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